Rejuvatek Medical and Tatt2Away

Rejuvatek Medical Inc, manufacturer of the Tatt2Away® Tattoo Removal System, specializes in the development of natural and effective tattoo removal options for the tattoo removal industry.  The company is focused on the needs of the industry and the customers it serves, setting new standards of care.

Tatt2Away represents the culmination of many years of research in medical, aesthetics, and laser technology: all of which contribute very important concepts to the Tatt2Away intellectual property, as well as to the tattoo removal industry. Tatt2Away utilizes a “Trans-Epidermal Pigment Release®” (TEPR®) system or escharotic type treatment, which allows the ink to be released from the dermal layers of skin and extracted out of the body as the scab forms.

It is now estimated that about 65 million Americans have at least one tattoo on their body, with 11 million of them seeking a way to remove or modify a tattoo.

Until Tatt2Away, laser tattoo removal has been considered a standard removal but lasers have only been able to address a limited range of pigment colors. Additionally, there are concerns that laser energy is responsible for the decomposition of tattoo pigment into potentially dangerous, and in some cases, carcinogenic substances. Tatt2Away avoids potential health risks while addressing the needs of the tattoo studio and its customers.

Rejuvatek Medical Inc is continually looking for ways to improve or innovate device technologies that address the demands of an increasingly educated and determined population. Our technologies are directed at real problems in the business of removing tattoos. Rejuvatek collaborates with tattoo studio artists & physicians around the globe to continually refine Tatt2Away technologies and techniques to create the best possible outcomes for those seeking tattoo removal treatments.