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Proven Technique

Tatt2Away® uses an innovative proven technique for removing tattoo pigment that works with the body’s natural healing process to form a scab containing the pigment, which then drops off, revealing the eliminated pigment underneath the scab. This proprietary process utilizes Trans Epidermal Pigment Release® (or TEPR®), a new way for tattoo removal that uses Teprsol®, a patented solution containing a safe chemical that naturally occurs in carbohydrates and meets the specifications of the US Food Chemicals Codex. The pigment found under the scab when it falls off shows that the ink has been expelled from the body.

The Tatt2Away patented system is unlike laser tattoo removal that breaks down pigment ingredients into smaller particles in order to be eliminated from the body. Some researchers have found these smaller particles in critical organs of the body that may prove to be potentially dangerous and even carcinogenic.

Tattoo Ink Research

In a laboratory within FDA’s Arkansas-based National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR), research chemist Paul Howard, Ph.D. has also shown that some pigment migrates from the tattoo site to the body’s lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system, a collection of fluid-carrying vessels in the body that filter out disease-causing organisms. Whether the migration of tattoo ink has health consequences or not is still unknown. NCTR is doing further research to answer this and other questions.

Tatt2Away uses its patented template to assure optimum placement for treatment areas.