Blackout Tattoo Trend – Kat Von D

Why are consumers in such an uproar about Kat Von D’s blackout tattoo?  She did it to “blackout a large portion of old, crappy tattoos” on her arm.  A person’s body is theirs to do with what they want.  And yet, as every tattoo artist who has covered up or blacked out an 80s [...]

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Integrating Tatt2Away Successfully

A vision isn’t enough. Enthusiasm alone isn’t sufficient. Recognition of potential profits by itself won’t do it. Without the willingness to see it through and make it happen, whatever that might take, there’s only failure. Successfully integrating a new service into an existing business can be summed up in a few steps: Know why [...]

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What Tatt2Away Is and Is Not

There are a lot of variations in tattoo removal methods out there. Laser, chemical peels, creams, do-it-yourself kits, and so on. There's also a major variation in outcomes. Even within FDA-regulated laser removal, some treatments work better than others. Rejuvatek Medical, Inc is continually invested in making Tatt2Away give the most consistent results that we [...]

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Tattoo regret: when easy becomes difficult

      Sometimes the easiest solution isn't the best solution. Sometimes an artist will black out an unwanted tattoo with a very heavy, solid black coverup, because their coverup options are limited by what’s already inked on your skin.  At the moment, you didn’t care.  You just wanted whatever it was gone.   But [...]

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Aftercare: your compliance affects your results

“It won’t matter. I’m just going swimming.”  You’ve recently had a Tatt2Away® treatment and while you may not have uttered your own death sentence like the man in Texas, you’ve indicated your lack of respect for your body, your Tatt2Away technician, the aftercare instructions, and your lack of common sense. Tatt2Away aftercare instructions mandate [...]

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Best Five Reasons to Get a Tattoo Coverup

Mega multi-platinum rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur, Nas, said “I have no tattoos that I regret. I have had some that I have had changed according to how my life was.” Enter the tattoo coverup – what you do when you like tattoos, but don’t like the tattoo you have now. As you [...]

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